15 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

To make a big impression, you’ll have to work on the small details – great writing comes from extensive research, proper planning, and articulate execution of ideas. You’ll have to make dramatic improvements in the quality by exercising and constant practicing. You may think that you’re not a great writer or that you don’t have the right academic essay writing skills but the truth is that it’s a skill that anybody can acquire and eventually excel at.

Easiest Best Essay Writing Tips

You may begin by taking smaller steps; instead of writing lengthy essays, start with writing social media posts and simply out your opinions across. If you work and your job requires you to write emails, make an effort in improving the quality of those emails and presentations. It’s a myth that you only need to write in school and college; the sooner you realize that writing will stay with you throughout life, the quicker you’ll understand the importance of learning it.

Hence, improve your writing game by acquiring techniques from professionals and your favorite authors. Grasp the basics as that will help you come at ease with the process. By familiarizing yourself with the process, you can reduce the daunting aspects quite significantly. And once you’re not intimidated by it, you’ll make an effort and become friends with words – a relationship, so far, only writers enjoy.

Should We Pursue Essay Writing Services Instead?

Like we said earlier, writing skills are essential as it’s a skill that brings success to you no matter which profession you choose to pursue. You could want a career in marketing, journalism or even teaching and engineering; at the end of the day, you would have to find a way to express yourself efficiently. Writing will help you articulate your thoughts and present them to the reader in a well-structured and concise manner.

You might have heard “communication is the key” several times in recent times. It’s misconstrued that writing is mandatory to succeed in school; writing will help you in business and every other aspect of life. From the business perspective, you would require exceptional writing skills to produce and deliver exquisite emails, reports and other written documents. Therefore, it’s about time you stop undermining the importance of writing because by doing so, you’re reducing your chances of success.

Now that we’ve established the importance of writing in our everyday life, we must bring attention to where it’s foremost used. To begin with, writing is one of the aspects of the education system that students despise the most. But here’s the mystery; do they dislike writing because of the art itself or because it’s being forced upon them in the most daunting and pressurizing manner?

Look – a lot of times, we start associating things badly just because we did them at a time that was challenging. Similarly, when you’re handed over an assignment with a tight deadline, you’re naturally going to dislike it and find it complex and difficult. But does that mean you should start disliking writing? This is a difference that we must begin to understand. Writing itself is fun and students should use it to express themselves.

We must raise fingers at the educational systems that are adding stress to the already overly burdened student life. For example, they are forced to write dozens of assignments almost every other week. Because of the nature of this rigorous routine, they start complaining and hating every aspect of writing. At the end of the day, we have to realize that nobody likes being judged and criticized. And so, when students are marked terribly on these assignments, they start questioning their worth and potential without realizing how they were not even given proper time to pay attention to the details and give their best to the task.

Academic essays are a different story altogether; they are much more complex in nature and demand more of your attention than any creative essay ever would. Hence, students need time to write customized essays give them due attention to make them qualitative and relevant. In addition, there’s a requirement from colleges to not submit plagiarized work. Some don’t even entertain late submissions so forget about requesting date extensions. Students work terribly hard on every project and that is alarming because it can quickly overwhelm them leading to severe burnout.

And that’s where the problem starts – to avoid putting themselves through such turmoil; students find ways to get their work done on time without compromising on the quality and other requirements set by professors. They turn to online writing services that are ever so ready to assist students and walk them on the path of success and freedom. They provide academic services at relatively cheap and affordable prices – a trick to get the maximum number of students to hire them!

Here’s another side to the story. Many students take this as a challenge. They find unique ways to make every project better than the last. If they scored a B+ in the last essay, they work doubly hard to earn an A in the next assignments. But again, by writing essays every other day, they fall into a rut and start using the same formula because that’s easy and successful – but for how long?

What Makes You A Great Essay Writer?

Let’s get to the main question, shall we? How can one improve their writing skills? In fact, can you improve your writing abilities? The answer to both questions is this. Yes, you can hone your skills and you don’t even need the assistance of a professional to ensure that. Just keep in mind that it’s a lot of hard work and you need to be consistent.

Most Important Tip for the Best Essay Writing Service 2021

Manage time effectively because you’ll have to follow a strict timetable. If you’re someone who starts working on a project at the last minute, you’ll have to opt for a much different approach. Start working on the project early and instead of procrastinating and delaying work, take control of your life and be done before the deadline.

More than that, you need to develop a knack for reading. If you don’t find reading appealing right now, start slow. Read the type of work that is easily digestible; nobody is asking you to read Leo Tolstoy anyway! But the idea is to read to increase your own vocabulary. Sometimes, you can write well but you don’t know the correct words to use. By having an extensive vocabulary, you create options for yourself and allow yourself to write a variety of content.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with words and the normal structure of writing, it will come easily to you. But how do you make your writing more crisp and readable? If you want to write an essay that has a conversational tone and impactful, follow the 15 tips discussed below!

  1. Have Clarity on the Concepts You’re Writing About

Here’s what you should do: Before you start writing, you must mentally prepare yourself and familiarize yourself with the concepts. Educate yourself the way you talk to a six-year-old. Talk to them using simple words and be specific so that even the most perplexing ideas sit well. And before you start writing, make sure that you have clear thoughts as well a purpose in mind. What are you writing about? Why are you writing it? And how are you going to write it? And once you’re well-adjusted with that thought, begin the process.

The human mind works mysteriously and you’re bombarded with so many thoughts at one time that it is easy to get lost in the stream of ideas. And that is exactly why you need to give order and structure to those thoughts – nobody will understand your great ramblings!

  1. Create an Outline

Contrary to popular belief, outlining thoughts and ideas doesn’t take long. If you’re writing something complex, it’s better to think of the topic from varied perspectives. Ask questions and acquire information from all aspects. Make sure that you’re, in your mind, are sorted. And only then can you go ahead and bring clarity to the words on paper.

Create an outline of all the ideas, make quick notes, brainstorm as much as possible, and define the terms that you find difficult. This might take a couple of minutes and sometimes more depending on the complexity of the topic but you must not haste the process. Give it time, blend with the topic and clarify topics.

  1. Anticipate the Questions

You must never think that your audience is dumb – therefore, when you write, think of all the questions that you think they might have regarding the topic. Write like you have the power to read their thoughts. Speak to them in the way they want to listen. Figure out the context and instead of creating more gaps, fill in the dots. And make sure you finish all the sentences because many times, writers get carried away with their thoughts and leave ideas midway to conquer the next fabulous idea they’re struck by. 

  1. Stop Over-Explaining

As we said, don’t think that your audience is dumb – they are capable and know exactly what you’re talking about. Hence, the right thing to do is to never over-explain things to them because that might backfire and lead them to boredom. Yes, if you have something that is interesting and could increase their knowledge, share it. But save them from your need to over-explain everything. 

It’s great to provide details but understand that academic essays are not made for those. Keep your writing concise and provide details that are necessary and appropriate for the context.

  1. Reduce the use of prepositional phrases

Many students are blessed with great vocabulary. However, they make the mistake of complicating the most basic sentences. This is a problem and must be dealt with. Try to be smart with your prepositions. If you are using them to explain certain concepts, make sure you do so to simplify them. Make sense in your writing and boost clarity. Keep the writing conversational and write with convictions because that will give the impression as if you know it all.

  1. Eradicate Filler Words and Phrases

There are certain words that keep coming into our writing, even when they don’t add any value to the content. These words are known as filler words – they can be phrases and sentences also. It’s great to use them when it’s creative writing because they can add color and emotion to the content. But with academic writing, it may seem like clutter – so the right thing to do is eliminate it entirely.

  1. Remove excessive adverbs

Writers, who’ve recently started writing in English, find it hard to differentiate between verbs and adverbs. Adverbs, the easiest way to identify, are the words that end with ‘ly’ in the end. The one thing that writers need to understand about adverbs is that they shouldn’t be used too frequently as they might add wordiness to the content. Excessive usage of adverbs is always recommended as it shows that you’re unable to find new words and using them to meet a certain requirement. Therefore, show off your vocabulary and use fewer adverbs – only where they are actually needed.

  1. Use simple language

Have you read the works of John Grisham? He has a way with words – the reason why he is a bestselling author suggestions to give. He believes that there are three kinds of words in the world of writing; the words we know, the words we should know and the words that no one really knows. He believes that writers should not use the words that belong to the third category. If your intention is not to be flashy and poetic, leave the words in the third category alone. Apart from that, only try and use words that are used in everyday life and add flashy words only to garnish and add flavor. This ensures high quality of writing and a direct speaking manner – something all readers enjoy.

  1. Add Contradictions

When you put grammar aside, you will find time to understand the importance of the content you’re producing. Look, every writer adds contradictory statements in their work to make it intriguing and gauge the attention of the readers. If everything is given to them on a plate, it would be too easy. You want your readers to make an effort as well to make the content engaging. Writing should be verbatim between the two parties – only then would it be interesting and an equal partnership.

  1. Transcribe yourself

Many writers would oppose this trick but it is quite effective when you think about it. Do you want to record all of your ideas? The ones that hit like a flashbulb and the ones you just forget in a matter of seconds. In fact, they are the ones that you should include in your writing. The only way to attain this is by recording your thoughts. And you know what? This makes your writing even better because it becomes more conversational. Writing is not supposed to be a dictation – you have to start a dialogue, especially when it’s an academic essay.

  1. Don’t go by the book

Writers often try to decompose their ideas because they feel like they don’t fall under the grammar rule book. This is where they lose their creativity. Do you have an idea that is brilliant and out of the box? Do you want to try a format of writing that has never been done before? What is keeping you from going all the way? Do whatever you think is right, take risks – all within reason, of course. End sentences with a preposition if you feel it sounds right.

  1. Remove wordiness

What is your natural writing style? Many people have the habit of writing extremely complex sentences. This is not wrong but you have to understand that requirement. By writing exceptionally long sentences, you simply vomit on the paper. Sometimes, the ideas could be great but due to the length of the sentences, readers might lose track of them and find them difficult to digest. Therefore, without ruining the flow of the sentence, produce essays that have simple sentences.

  1. Readout loud before submission

Writing an essay itself is a long process and now you must be getting angry that we’re asking you to read your writing out loud before submission. Well, there’s the logic behind it. We want to ensure that you deliver your best work. At times, what our eyes cannot find, our ears do. And so, by reading out loud, you may catch errors and mistakes that you might have missed otherwise. This will also improve the flow of the sentences and ensure they fall smoothly and have no monotonous beats to them.

  1. Give personality to your writing

Is your writing flawless grammatically but still not up to the mark? What do you think is missing? Does it lack personality? Every person has a distinct voice and their writing style is indicative of that. Therefore, try to not get hung up on mimicking your favorite writer. Have your own touch of writing and be yourself. Use phrases that you like within the context and need. 

  1. Practice

The only way to improve and write effectively is by practicing. Treat it like sports – what are the thing that sportspeople do? They work on their skill, are extremely disciplined, and they practice day in and day out. Thus, think of yourself as a sportsperson and do what is necessary: practice.

In conclusion

Students in college or university always struggle with academic essay writing skills. They feel that they need to be a professional to be able to write successfully. But they are wrong – students can easily grasp the concepts of writing by reading a book. Of course, the formatting of a paragraph, spelling correction, text references, and language nuances can be improved through practice.

Therefore, we would recommend that to study the topics they have to write, work on how to edit their document. Review the different essay examples that are readily available to them. Our list of tips provided above are enough to help you become an efficient writer, but if you need more assistance, you can look through essay writing samples or just get hire someone from the cheapest essay writing service available online.

Essay writing in English is not difficult; it’s all in the mindset.


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