5 Things To Bear In Mind When Doing A Dissertation

5 Things To Bear In Mind When Doing A Dissertation

Many students desire to study so they can influence the world to become a better place for the upcoming generation. However, to achieve that, hard work and dedication is necessary. Additionally, a massive amount of research needs to be conducted on various subjects to find accurate results. For that reason, universities prepare students for this challenge by mandating the task of dissertation writing.

When students are asked to write a dissertation, they are often overwhelmed by the task as a result of the complexities of its elements. For that reason, it is essential for students to plan out their dissertation structure prior to conducting the research for their project. The ensuing the following steps can overcome this challenge:

  1. Writing a dissertation proposal: the first and foremost step before initiating the task of dissertation writing it to construct a formal dissertation proposal. The writing at this stage should be formal, official and accurate. Students should utilise a convincing tone while writing their proposal as that will determine the possibility of their research becoming a reality. Hence, the dissertation proposal should follow a standardised structure comprising of:
    • Title of the research
    • Aim/objective of the research
    • Historical/ Recent studies that led to this subject matter
    • Research Question
    • Methodology and procedure
    • Hypothesis prediction
    • Schedule employed for conduction of the research
    • References
  2. Conducting research: For every dissertation, carrying out an elaborative research is crucial. As a result, it is essential for individuals to educate themselves entirely on the subject before moving forward with their research methodology. In order to get results that are valid and reliable, it is essential to eliminate any extraneous variables that can potentially confound the findings of the research. In case the individual is utilising data that is already present, choosing a data source with high credibility is vital.
  3. The dissertation writing process: The dissertation writing process is often the most time-consuming. In regards to this, students should develop an outline and dedicate a certain time to the composition of each element. As a result, students will not underestimate or overestimate the amount of time it will take to complete the task and thus retain the quality of their work. Furthermore, during the writing process, the tone of the dissertation along with sentence construction should be paid the most attention to. The use of advanced vocabulary is not mandatory but is encouraged by most educational institutes. Essentially, the student’s dissertation should be written with precision, confidence and accuracy.
  4. The Editing Process: After the dissertation is concluded, time and effort should be invested in detecting errors in writing. As humans, making errors in writing is inevitable. For that reason, editing the document should not be an afterthought but should be given an equal amount of consideration as writing.
  5. Ask for assistance: The process of writing a dissertation can be isolating. Therefore, seeking assistance from student advisors, friends or family is essential when it is absolutely

By means of following the preceding steps, students can confront the task of dissertation writing and compose documents that can assist in making a change in the world.

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