6 Tips To Help You Improve Your English Writing And Speaking Skills

English is a diverse language that has evolved into several forms and dialects. This is why using prepositions, pronunciations, and grammatical rules correctly have become challenging for both native and non-native people.

However, in comparison to non-natives, native people can rectify their mistakes easily as they have been raised among people who speak the language. Non-natives, on the other hand, struggle to grasp the basic words. For example, the usage of “there” and “their;” “hair” and “here;” and “you” and “you’re.” Such words can confuse and may demand a lot of verbal practice to ease understanding.

The English language plurals are yet another challenge for these international students. For instance, the plural of mouse is mice, but the house can never be called “hice.” Also, some words are quite deceptive in terms of meaning such as “flying foxes” are actually bats and not foxes.

Additionally, the internet has altered the former meanings of the words. For example, “catfish” used to be a fresh-water fish with whiskers, but now it refers to a person who puts up false information on social sites for fraudulent means. Thus, there is a lot of confusion in store for you if you have never studied in English medium before. However, with time, effort and sheer determination, you can gain command over this language in no time. Stated below are some tips to help you in this pursuit.

Become an Avid Reader

If you want to improve your English writing and speaking skills, you must read literature that is written in the very language. Doing so will allow you to polish your understanding which will also equip you with the technical skills essential for writing.

You can either visit a library or use eBooks to increase your knowledge bank. Since it can be difficult to adopt the reading practise at first, it is recommended to start with a genre that lies in your area of interest. Once you become a habitual reader, you can proceed further to read other diversified content. For instance, you can read novels and research journals to identify the difference in their sentence structures and tones. This information will not only assist you in improving your writing skills but will also help you pick up on topics for conversational purposes.

Get Entertained and Educated At the Same Time

Apart from the classic reading method, you can also use entertainment channels to improve your speaking and writing proficiency. All you have to do is watch a movie with subtitles. The visuals will help you comprehend the situation while the subtitles will aid you in understanding the dialogues. Since movies often contain slangs or lingos to connect well with their audience, you should avoid overusing these in your daily conversations.

Secondly, listening to English songs can help you learn the language better. Simply, turn on the music and try to guess the lyrics of the song. Once the song ends, you can search for the lyrics to assess if you guessed correctly. Next, you must replay the song so that you can pick up on the pronunciation and tone, but, this time, with the lyrics in front of you.

Take Assistance From Writing Service UK

Unfortunately, academia uses writing proficiency to assess students’ ability to learn and express. Considering the difficulties proffered by the language barrier, you might take time to pick up on the basics of writing practices. Since you cannot let this lag influence your academic writing grades, you must hire custom dissertation writing service in UK for your academic writing assistance.

Authentic writing companies are home to expert writers, editors, researchers, and proofreaders, so every writing curated from their end is an embodiment of perfection. Therefore, you can use such a service as a safety net and a medium to polish your English writing skills.

Listen and Learn

The people around you might be conversing in English with others. You must listen to the exchanged responses so that you can pick up on the ground rules of English language speaking. Next time, if you encounter a similar situation, you can use the very responses to converse with the other party. This process is slow withal, but it requires you to understand the basics of the English language first.

You can use the same technique to improve your writing skills, too. However, this time, you must inspect the writings curated by other people and learn how an idea is weaved into words.

Prepare a Cheat Sheet

To save yourself from embarrassing conversations, you can create a cheat sheet for yourself. This sheet might include greeting responses and answers to the questions you are likely to be asked about. Don’t be afraid to use these notes before others as they can help you control your anxiousness while enabling you to converse confidently.

Voice Your Opinions

Language learning is a gradual process, which demands a lot of practice. Therefore, you must immediately start writing and speaking English to gain command over the language. In this manner, you will become familiar with your mistakes and will work towards rectifying them.

For this purpose, try voicing your opinions in English before your native friends. Based on their feedback, you can amend your tone and pronunciation style.

You must also try to write a page daily to polish your English writing skillset. In this connection, you can use the free writing technique. All you have to do is write on a chosen topic until the set timer goes off. In this manner, you can learn to voice your opinions through the writing medium.

Since English is used as a learning medium in your university, it is important to improve your English writing and speaking skills. Thus, you should make use of the tips mentioned above and experience a drastic improvement within no time.

Good luck!


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