Best Geography Dissertation Ideas for Your Good Grades

Writing your dissertation isn’t a fun task. Just ask any student, and they’ll tell you it’s the hardest or the most challenging piece of work they’ve ever done. At times it’s complex, complicated, and impossible to deal with.


Because not only is there comprehensive research involved, but it also requires serious academic writing skills to score well. Unfortunately, not every student can keep up. This is because they either lack the know-how or cannot compile the necessary research. And even if a student is equipped to write their dissertation well, it can be a struggle to find a dissertation idea that works. However, no student struggle can compare to those studying geography. Unfortunately, they’re under intense pressure to keep up with classes, lectures and more. As a result, it’s even harder to come up with geography dissertation ideas.

So, what can a geography student do? How can they keep up with their work while crafting a well-written dissertation? Fortunately, our team is here to provide geography dissertation ideas help. But before we help you with research-based topics, let’s discuss the problem you face so you can find an easier way forward.

Why Do Students Struggle with Dissertations and Coming Up with Geography Dissertation Ideas?

We mentioned a few things above that geography students face during their studies. But we need to step back to understand why there’s a problem. Of course, it’s a lot bigger than ‘dissertations are tough.’ After all, most students face the same issues. They have too many classes and assignments to deal with while also managing their personal commitments. But that isn’t the root cause of the issue. Instead, it’s what happens as a result that leads to downfall and poor grades. Why? Because all that pressure causes unfortunate high stress levels. And that’s not good.

Stress levels present students with many challenges. Firstly, research shows us that it impairs your academic and cognitive abilities. So, it’s no wonder that most students cannot come up with geography dissertation ideas when they are stressed. Secondly, it also affects your health. That’s why the first step with geography dissertation ideas help is eliminating stress. Then, you can move on to select your topic and work on your research without any hindrance!

Now that you know the first step, let’s move to our team’s selection of geography dissertation ideas. These should help you find a research-based topic that scores you a good grade.

Geography Dissertation Ideas Help  Examples:

So, you’re pursuing a degree in geography, but you can’t pick a decent idea for your dissertation? Say no more! It’s okay to feel as if you can’t choose a path forward. We understand the issues you face. That’s why we have the following list of geography dissertation ideas to help you move toward your goal.

1. Urban Geography: Reviewing the Main Strengths or Weaknesses with Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches for the Study of Urban Geography.

The study of cities or regions is a growing area of research within geographical departments in the UK. Thus, urban geography may be a good choice for students writing a dissertation. With an increasing number of elite universities forming research groups that address issues, there are plenty of directions to take. For example, problems can include the development and spatial reconstruction of the city. These departments also focus on issues like space and society within the post-industrial era.

The topic addresses difficulties research geographers face. But it also tackles achieving an academic balance between interviews, fieldwork, computer modelling, etc. In addition, it also questions whether a mixed-method approach is favourable to social students.

2. Human Geography: Poulantzas – Interpretation of National Territory: A Critical Evaluation in Relation to Scottish Independence.

This political/human geography topic focuses on the study of spatially uneven outcomes of political processes. It also goes into how spatial structures affect these processes.

Poulantzas (1978, p. 104) explains that ‘National territory has nothing to do with the natural features of the land.’ Instead, ‘It is rather of an essentially political character in that the state tends to monopolise the procedures of the organisation of space.’ Therefore, this dissertation evaluates the 2014 referendum proposal through Poulantzas’ academic opinions. Students can juxtapose geographical theory with issues of public opinion and contemporary politics. As a result, the focus becomes seeking the blending of political geography aspects with human geography and urban space or geographic identity.

3. Global Environmental Geography: Evaluating the Environmental Role in Shaping Development Prospects in Isan (North-Eastern Thailand).

Perhaps you want to make changes to the challenges the world faces today? How do you do that? It’s simple. Base your dissertation around this topic! It draws on a collection of new primary data. After that, the dissertation can contextualise research into geographic debates through an in-depth literature review. Students will be able to provide a balanced academic approach to their study. And as a researcher, you can focus on research or interviews with local leaders to provide an understanding of their concerns. And students can relate these to the retention of regional identity and traditionalism. Thus, incorporating the appreciation of the local environment. Topics like these are important due to the increase in global development challenges

Additional Geography Dissertation Ideas to Choose From:

There are many ideas that you can use to write your geography dissertation. And you’ve seen the examples above. But if those didn’t impress you, perhaps the ones below will. Here is a list of additional geography dissertation ideas you can choose to write about:

Geography Dissertation Ideas:

  • What is geosynclinals’ force? – Explaining the current/modern theories behind it.
  • Expressing the difference between metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Discussing their formation.
  • The causes of earthquakes today. Analysing plate tectonic theory under a modern lens.
  • Global mountain range origins – Exploring the theories and research
  • Finding the oldest mountain range in the world. – Substantiating our claims
  • Analysing the process of coral reef formation and exploring their uses.
  • Examining different types of landforms in relation to geographical height.
  • Major geographical barriers to culture development.
  • Understanding the principle of continental drift theory and why it is important nowadays?
  • What is there in the core of the earth, and how deep it is?

Social Geography Dissertation Ideas

  • Human differences are based on regional and geographic variation.
  • Analysing why population cultural needs can change with distance.
  • Can physical variations be observed in people based on their geographical region?
  • An analysis of how physical landforms affect the life of people.
  • Variations in different regions can help to maintain various species of animals. Includes the concept of biodiversity.

Research-Based Geography Dissertation Ideas

  • What are the latest accepted theories for the origin of earth?
  • How to analyse types of rocks by discussing the process of rock formation and identification.
  • Does the vegetation of different regions vary due to geographical differences?
  • What major international convention deals with geographical issues across the globe?
  • The reasons behind why we get dense vegetation as we move towards poles.
  • Understanding different time scales and what they represent
  • Is overcoming variations of different regions due to their topography good?
  • Diseases in humans by analysis of the basis of their geographical location.
  • Differentiating physical and anatomical variations. And discussing the effect of the environment on changing them.

Economic Geography Dissertation Ideas

  • An economic perspective of the challenges or impact of the recession in the UK.
  • Understanding the network of global production with the help of systematic analysis.
  • Exploring the connection of economic geography with economic sciences.
  • In shaping national economies, the role of industrial institutions.
  • The role of economic sectors on national growth.

Human Geography Dissertation Ideas

  • How do different nations deal with global health epidemics?
  • Analysing and measuring population living standards in different countries.
  • A comparative analysis of the urban and rural settlement patterns.
  • An analysis of electoral voting patterns in the United Kingdom.
  • Problems associated with high population densities around the world.

The Next Step After Selecting Geography Dissertation Ideas – Conclusion

That concludes our list of the best geography dissertation ideas. We hope we have helped you find a direction to take your research forward. But most students will probably be wondering what the next step is after selecting geographic dissertation ideas. That’s simple! Next comes writing your dissertation and conducting the necessary research. However, please ensure you focus on reading enough about each of the ideas above. After all, you don’t want to score a bad grade.

There are many ways students can write their dissertations. We recommend focusing on learning how you can improve your academic writing and research skills. Of course, you can always turn to blogs that give you 10 tips that’ll help you become a better researcher. But if those don’t help, you always have the option to buy dissertation services in the UK. These should prepare you for the wild ride of completing your final submission. So, we wish you the best of luck in your writing efforts!


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