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Comparing Higher Education in the UK and US

Both the countries in question enjoy a vast and rich history of quality higher education, brilliant research facilities, and are flag-bearers of intellectualism and academic brilliance. They promote a culture and value that is deeply immersed and drenched with academic liberty, they boast of the best facilities and resources whilst pairing it with an academic landscape that is enriched and refined, with a nuanced touch to it. Their breeding ground of intellectual excellence that arises from their meritocratic stratosphere is what ultimately nourishes and flourishes the minds of the individuals who come from all over the world to study there. These two countries are excellent environments for cultivating and crafting cognitive thought processes of different individuals, which thus helps them reach out and grasp the best available professional prospects and thus play their substantial role in the global workforce. However, their paradigm of academics differs from each other quite a bit, thus giving each other their own tinge of peculiarity.

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First of all, students in the US, tend to call their educational institution where they are pursuing their undergraduate degree as their ‘college’, however in the UK, they are called a ‘university’. This is thus a defining characteristic that distinguishes between the two.

Retention Rate: Researches show that the graduation rate in the USA is lower than in the UK. 30% of students studying in a USA-based institution are likely to drop out after their first year of school, whilst most students enrolled in a UK-based institution are more likely to pass out with a degree.

Time: Courses of studying in the UK are typically shorter than in the USA, as they’re more focused and centred on the subject matter selected by the student. The academic model in the USA consists of exploring a varied range of subjects, before settling into the major subject. Generally speaking, a degree programme takes a year longer in the USA, as compared to the UK. In both academic models, the student can enter a Ph.D. after completing an undergraduate, however, in the UK- based paradigm, a student is most likely to pursue their Masters and then go onto pursuing their Ph.D.

Career: In both the academic models and countries, students have shown an inclination towards social sciences, business and law. Most students are enrolled in these programmes, and this thus shows the global interest of students from different countries in these subjects.

Homework: The USA academic paradigm stresses upon weekly and daily academic writing projects, whereas the UK academic domain comprises of lectures and occasional academic writing projects. In the US, your final grade is based upon the projects you hand in, whilst on the other hand in the UK, your grade could sometimes be completely dependent on your exam performance.

All in all, there are major differences in the academic paradigms of these two countries, but they for sure disseminate academic knowledge and skills that are valuable and treasured in the global work market.


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