Are Your Study Habits A Source Of Delay In Attaining Your PhD Degree?

Are Your Study Habits A Source Of Delay In Attaining Your PhD Degree?

Not many people opt for a PhD Degree because of the already terrible perceptions circulated about it by others. Most people feel that getting a PhD means so much hard work that it will ruin their lives forever, and so they prefer to avoid the study course altogether. Yet, does that mean that no one should try and get their PhD degree merely because it is difficult and takes such a long to complete? Not exactly. Statistics reveal that most students who spend a long time in completing their PhD degree usually have a number of bad habits that makes studying all the more difficult for them, rather than anything else. So, if you are enrolled in a PhD program, good for you! Getting that specialisation really matters and by the end of it all you will be all better as a student since attaining it would lead you to become a professional in your line of work. But the habits you should avoid while studying to get a PhD? Well, here are just some of them:

  • Organise Yourself

Most of us do not give organising our work, its due importance considering that dividing up our time into proper slots and allocating tasks to fit into those slots is a juvenile habit that we are well rid of. On the contrary, it is one of the habits of highly successful people across the world. If you really want to make something of yourself and your life, organising your work is the first thing that you should aim for. Divide your time up properly, and keep in mind, when you do so, that you need sufficient time to study, research, write your dissertation, attend university and yes, even have some fun now and again. Just do not let the ‘fun slots’ overrule all the rest of it, but otherwise you should be good to go!

  • Give The Dissertation Sufficient Time And Attention

Another common mistake amongst most students is that they do not give a lot of time to their dissertation. Even when they do, they prefer to just keep on researching, until the research work ends up becoming some sort of vicious cycle that they just cannot get free of. That is the wrong attitude to have. Research? Yes! Because it is the most important part of your PhD Dissertation, but leave out time for writing out the research also. The best way is to just do a little research and then start writing out the dissertation. You can conduct further research as you go along. Also, avoid making rookie mistakes such as not backing up your data on the laptop, being careless with your work and so on. Realise, on your own, just how important your work is and then give it due consideration!

  • Blocking Everything Else Out

A lot of PhD students who are actually doing really well, and are even looking to clear their PhD degrees in record time, manage to block out the world around them very efficiently. If you were to go up to them and ask them to talk about their subject, you’d still be standing and listening, open-mouthed till doomsday. Ask them about the latest Beyoncé song and they would be the ones left staring! That’s the wrong approach also. Music may or may not be your thing, but ensure that you continue reading and learning about just everything under the sun, not only your degree… don’t just shut life out, instead live it to the fullest.

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