The Significance of Formatting and Presentation in Your Dissertation Writing

The Significance of Formatting and Presentation in Your Dissertation Writing

When you think about it, there are all those cheesy lines that come to mind, about judging a book by its cover and so on, but the truth remains that without proper presentation, nothing, whether it is a book, a dish of food or even your dissertation, will look appealing and complete.

It is for this reason that both the formatting as well as the presentation matter so much when it comes to writing out a dissertation. The dissertation, just like any other written assignment, needs to be completed to perfection before it can be handed to your professor or the dissertation committee. The members in the dissertation committee, their task of reading through any and every dissertation notwithstanding, like reading a good, well written and well formatted dissertation and are more disposed to give a better score or nod of approval to a student who has formatted and presented the dissertation as well as researched and written it properly as well.

Here are some classic mistakes that you should always watch out for to ensure that the PhD dissertation you are handing in is the most perfect piece of work that you were capable of performing.

  • Make Sure That There Are No Errors In The Document.

The importance of proofreading a document, any document, not just your dissertation, just cannot be stressed upon enough and this is where most students make their first and most crucial mistake. They take so long or procrastinate so much over the writing of the dissertation, there is no time left after writing the work to take a break and then edit the work. As a result of this, the proofreading of the work is done in such a way as to be almost nonexistent, and it shows in the quality of the paper you submit. Apart from spelling errors, you should also measure your document for its uniformity of text, alignment, spacing and usage of font styles and sizes.

  • Ensure That The Spacing And Print Style As Well As Duplication And Paper Quality (If Valid) Are All Meeting The Requirements.

The margins, the double spacing that is the usual format most educational institutions ask for, the font, the font size, as well as the kind of paper that the work is being printed on, if it applies to your case, then you should always meet the requirements set out by your professor or the educational institution to which you belong to.

  • Number The Pages

It may sound very juvenile, but most students tend to get so caught up in the referencing and formatting part of the work they forget to check simple things like the pages being numbered in sequence.

  • Follow A Fixed Pattern For All The Titles, Headings And Subheadings

If you are working with Times New Roman and have fixed a font size of 12 respectively, for all headings and subheadings, ensure you follow it through.

  • Inserting Quotations Into Your Work

Ensure that all quotations are put in quotation marks and are distinguishable from the rest of the text.

  • References

This is the most important part of the dissertation writing process, almost as much as writing out the actual work. If the work is not properly referenced, it loses most of its worth. Make sure you follow up on the referencing style preferred by your educational institution in UK so that you hand in a perfect dissertation!

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