Fireworks! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Warning! PhD Stress

Fireworks! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Warning! PhD Stress

Warning! Fireworks! PhD Stress approaching. What are we to do commander? *Bleep. Bleep. Bleep*

Nope, this is not the latest transmission of the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi that has somehow found itself in your unsettling dreams. It is just the stress of having New Year and your PhD dissertation work that have somehow all clashed together hard enough to find their way into your dreams. Sounds bad? It is. Especially if you are not all that great at managing stress and have been weeping your eyes out over having to go to the family nest for New Year and you know that all you are going to do is stress out constantly. Relax! It is not all that bad actually. Take a deep breath and then try and face up to your fears. Here are just some of the situations that you could come across this holiday season at your parents:

  • The entire family is gathered together and someone asks you for yet the hundredth time, ‘so what are you doing?’ or ‘when will you be done with your studies’ or maybe even comment with a superior-looking smile, ‘go on, that’s not even a real job!’ or in some of the worst possible case scenarios ask you, “when do you plan on having kids and settling down a bit?”
  • You realize how relaxed and beautiful your sister (or brother) looks and how happy she is just working at a day job, unlike you, who only gets good ideas when in the shower. Another version of this would be when well-meaning but foolish relative points out that you are looking like a frump, but your sister looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • You are unable to relax and enjoy yourself the way you used to do once upon a time in the distant past. Right now, all you can think about is your thesis, dissertation and all the academic essays you need to finish. Plus, you have all that academic writing which you were assigned in your class and you have to go through it as well. All you can think of is correcting the papers and *dong* New Year is rung in, you see the fireworks go off without having been able to enjoy a single moment of anything.

None of these scenarios are what you want or even what we envision for you either. New Year should be a time when you can relax, let down your hair (proverbially speaking) and enjoy yourself. Back when you were in school, your mom and dad often ticked you off for wearing shorts that were too short, or for growing your hair long enough to be counted a member of the chimpanzee family. Relax, it was the fashion so you did it, just like you ignored your mom because you knew it was the only way to deal with her. So ignore the marriage and kids questions. Next thing, your sibling was always better-looking than you, but there is no reason why a new dress, smart shoes and a new hairdo won’t make you look good either. And most importantly, work out a schedule, stick to it, or get a premium academic writing service like ours, PhD Dissertation so that your work is completed before the holiday season and you can relax and enjoy yourself. Happy New Year!!!

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