Considerations For Finalising A Dissertation Topic

Considerations For Finalising A Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation is no easy task as it requires dedication and an eye for detail. Your blood and sweat have to be the only ink to produce a masterpiece that can wow your instructors to the core.

It is the desire of every student to present the dissertation project that satisfies every question associated with it. The grading criteria are greatly focused on how well you handled the project and how much is the outcome.

You certainly don’t want to fail at any of these, do you? So to help you save time and effort in finalising your dissertation topic, here is a compiled checklist comprising of questions:

So What is Next? You may be considering a certain topic for your dissertation subject, assess what if you finalise it:

  • Will it be relevant and competent enough to take on the dissertation challenge?
  • How will you carry on with the findings?
  • What potential breakthroughs you can make through this?
  • Will you be able to provide adequate answers to the questions arising?

Is it Doable? The dissertation needs to be completed in a year’s time span; so choose objectives that are obtainable in such pressed duration. Do your homework and break down the tasks into smaller tasks allotting different time slots to each, so you achieve a better picture of the project’s attainability.

Are there Previous Studies in this Connection? It is difficult to come up with a new research idea, so it is a norm to look around various past research studies. Look for the topic that interests you and extract ideas from the research material available on that subject. You can deduce further questions from here:

  • Are there any gaps present in the particular research study?
  • Where can the particular study further be taken?
  • What are the future outcomes?

This will help you save yourself from the misery of choosing a much-talked subject or the subject that has no scope to combat questions.

Will My Persona Influence the Work? This is the most important yet neglected question- will you influence your work and how. Are you good at math or great at extracting facts from the book? Are your social encounters a reflection of the work you are to proceed with?

Know your strengths and ask yourself these questions before you finalise the topic for your dissertation.

What is The Instructor’s Opinion? Your mentor’s call has a lot to do in your dissertation, and therefore his opinion should be on your priority list. Gather all the information you can and ask him questions that confused you in this regard. Also, ask him if you should advance with this line of action. If he gives you a go ahead, well and good but if he points some deficiencies, work your way through it.

Hurry up and seek answers to the aforementioned questions to start writing. Don’t ignore either of these as they can provide you with a setback in later stages of your dissertation. Good luck and have fun writing!

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