How Does Covid-19 Affect You As A Student?

For almost over a year, life has been upsetting and full of obstacles for students. These are their prime years and they’re being forced to stay at home, which has disturbed their growth by limiting their actual options. In the beginning, when the pandemic just started, nobody expected it to last so long; hence, everyone treated it like a temporary setback.

But it didn’t stop students from feeling uncertain about the future – after all, their future was at stake. Of course, when the pandemic started spreading, students seemed delighted with the news of online classes because they had limited information that disabled them, and so they couldn’t anticipate how long it would last. More importantly, nobody at the time could predict the long-term impact of online classes and remote learning.

In a matter of weeks, students started craving their social aspects that came as part and parcel of college life. They got bored of their own company, and so, they started watching movies day in and day out just to experience life beyond self, in a fictional world. And soon, even that took its course because, by that time, their productivity levels declined significantly and deteriorated their mental health.

Now, they were anxious about the future and became a victim of incessant and invasive thoughts. They wondered if they would get the chance to see their peers once again. They missed sitting in the classrooms and just the general milieu of academics and learning. Staying at home was even harder for some as they live with abusive parents. They were tortured and tormented for months, taking one hit after another and giving up as they accepted it as their reality forever.

The Deadly Virus With No Sufficient Information

Then there were other concerns like the virus itself. There was no proper information about the virus, there were no hopes of a vaccine, and the death toll kept increasing, perking our anxiety and stress levels. In hindsight, it seems like we all lived through an incredibly dark period and it would haunt us for the rest of our lives in one way or another – grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, isolation, physical illness, there was so much going on that it seems almost like a miracle that we survived. At least, some of us did. 

Online classes seem pretty easy when you initially start taking them, but gradually, you come to witness how irrelevant and ineffective they are. They do offer some advantages but it comes with a heavy set of disadvantages as well.  First of all, you need time to adjust to this mode of education. Like, there are so many technical ways to interrupt your consumption of information, starting from something as basic yet fundamental as poor internet connectivity or no internet connectivity at all.

But let’s discuss these problems in detail instead of just scratching the surface. 

Problems in Surviving During Covid-19

It’s better to start with the advantages because the list isn’t that long, so we can keep it crisp and to the point. The most obvious advantage was obviously the time students got – they could spend time in nobody’s company and truly reflect on who they are and what they like without getting influenced by people in their social circle. They could spend time going back to the things they initially enjoyed before life happened and responsibilities increased. They reunited with their long lost hobbies; reading, craftwork, painting, sewing, etc.

This also allowed them to spend time with their family. Since everybody was working from home, they got to see how hard their parents really worked. This strengthened their relationships and built trust that was much needed by that time.

Apart from family bonding, students ended up saving a lot of fuel as well because they avoided transportation to and from college. Naturally, this saved their time as well, enabling them more time for self-study.

Advantages of Living in the Era of Covid-19

Like we said earlier, the list of advantages is comparatively shorter. Let’s get on with the advantages now, shall we?

Now the disadvantages of COVID-19 were significantly high – people lost their lives, their jobs, and even homes. We got exposed to the loopholes in the healthcare system, governmental policies, and educational discrepancies.

Look – it may sound insignificant at first, but online classes damaged the eyesight of students tremendously. They were exposed to the blue screen for long hours with no breaks and that disturbed their overall physical health as well. Many students started complaining about migraines and dizziness. Besides, online schooling was almost impossible and irrelevant for students in primary and playschool because they just don’t have the capacity to sit in front of a screen for long hours and watch teachers speak – their concentration power is low. 

And here’s what many people just casually forget – students from lower-income background didn’t even have access to laptops and other electronic devices. Furthermore, education was hampered as teachers weren’t properly trained to handle online classes. They couldn’t communicate effectively, which disrupted the average student learning. Students didn’t give exams and that is surely going to foreshadow their future in the long term.

Many students turned to the best UK essay writing service since the method of communication was pretty rigid. Teachers failed to deliver impactful lessons, and so, without proper instructions and scaffolding, especially in subjects like coding and mathematic, students have to take dissertation help from online services. This was a major setback because students started relying heavily on academic assistance and not from teachers. It hindered growth and impacted their learning methodologies. When the student is not learning and finishing their own assignments, why even attend school? Anyway, the road to recovery is definitely going to be long and painful because getting back to normalcy after a year is tough. Some people would expect students to get back in shape (intellectually and otherwise) instantly, which is unfair. For the years to comes, this generation will be known as the COVID-19 generation – the resilient ones who fought nature itself!


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