Painful Life of a PhD student

Painful Life of a PhD student

Not everyone has what it takes to be a PhD student, that urge to self-destruct, mutilate yourself, frown all day long, growl, increasingly turn into the bear from Grimm’s ‘Snow White and Rose Red’… Okay, I will stop now, but you get the idea. All of these things take courage, to let you take a deep breath before you plunge into that icicle ridden, Arctic sea that is your route to getting a PhD degree. Hmmm, certainly does not sound like something that just about anyone can do, so if you have decided to go for it, congratulations! Wipe that smile off your face, because seriously, you really are in for a painful time when most days will be the proverbial ‘all work and no play’ kind. It is probably the reason why we have so many PhD’s in the country. Not everyone can happily opt in for this hectic of a lifestyle!

I mean seriously! If you have kids who are anything as inquisitive as the general trend goes, then you are in for some seriously embarrassing question and answer sessions. Try explaining which grade you are in for instance; the 100th? So you failed all these years? Uh-oh! Not setting a very good precedent, are you?

Or, in the questionably happy event that you are not married, and go out on a date, you do realize that one of the first questions that your date is sure to ask, ‘So what do you do?’ And you reply ‘I’m a PhD doctor,’ the first thing you are met with is a blank, glazed stare, followed by an open-mouthed statement; ‘that’s not even a real job!’ Really??? Nope, it is so totally not a real job. It is an entire lifestyle! Now try smiling without grinding your teeth and say that.

If your date is not just a good-looking face, then you might as well know what the next question is most likely to be, ‘So what is your dissertation about? What do you answer? Where do you start, and what should the end likely be? Your dissertation basically spells out the entire story of your life, so how exactly are you supposed to reply to that?

You could try boring your date with a whole list of all the things that your work entails or you could sit down and explain just what problems you are facing with your dissertation or you know what? Let’s just forget the whole thing! How about you date another PhD student like yourself? Remember Big Bang Theory, the TV sitcom please not the actual scientific theory! Well, try recalling one of the scenes with Leonard and Leslie out on a romantic date night. You know what happens don’t you? Each talks about their own dissertation, and, at the end of the day, it was not really date night, was it?

It will be weeks, maybe years, before you can actually claim to have had a proper weekend, and here you were, at the start of your PhD thinking life was just set to be a ball. The dissertation was all that you were supposed to have to worry about. Not really, my naive friend, not really. But don’t let that put you off your PhD program. You can try and enlist help from a number of academic writing services like ours, ,PhD Dissertation which will only increase your chances of completing your PhD quicker and make your life marginally easier. Don’t worry. Somewhere down this painful road, you will reap the benefits of completing your PhD.

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