What Does Character Education Really Mean For Teachers?

In the 21st century, there has been a surge in the significance of character education. While it is true that gaining intellectual nourishment from academic subjects holds its own position, however, we still can’t negate and refute the fact that imbuing a child with moral ethics, socially responsible mannerisms and good values is equally important. It should be conducted through the one social institution and socialising contributor that plays a major role in the life of a student, it being their school or the educational intuition they attend. An educational institution has cemented its place in the society, owing to the cultivation and fostering it provides, which is the dissemination of academic knowledge and cultural norms. Moreover, over the past couple of years, the UK government has taken to interest the matter of character education, they’ve announced a multi-million-pound fund in order to enable England to become the foremost in teaching its students discipline, grit, resilience, and moral ethics. This sort of attention and focus really pushes and augments the importance of character education in socialising students into morally sound individuals, who have to play their part in interacting with social actors prevalent within the society.

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A teacher in today’s day and age probably associates a high degree of value to character education. One of the worst situations for any teacher could be dealing with ill-mannered or delinquent students, who are deprived of a cultured and cultivated sense of being. Thus, when expounding upon the matter of character education, it becomes quite clear that it lends several benefits to the teacher’s teaching process.

  • Responsibility: The trouble that most teachers grapple with is their inability to imbue a sense of accountability within the mindset of their students. However, through the dissemination of character education students are taught the core value of being responsible towards their work, there are taught to work with due diligence in order to play their rightful role in promoting social solidarity. Most students are likely to experience elevated grades and increased on-time submission of academic projects, which is automatically a win-win situation for the teacher.
  • Learning Environment: Once the character and personality of an individual starts building and developing, they are then most likely to be confident with their being and are therefore most likely to interact and involve themselves in the classroom. Go right here. Their immersion in the classroom adds to the conversation that is circulating within the room, thus leading to more refined and polished vantage points.
  • Inspiration: The need to excel should be infused deeply into the very being of the student. They can gain a sense of motivation and inspiration to become upstanding members of their communities from the values they acquire from character education.

By and large, research proves that character education helps avoid instances of truancy, helps reduce disinterest in education and decreases the chances of suspensions.


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