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The first chapter will provide the study background and clarify the research objectives, problem, hypothesis, importance, key terminology, and delimitation of the study.

Literature Review

The following section scrutinises the extant theory and empirical findings pertaining to the investigation topic, aiming to elucidate a conceptual and theoretical framework to establish the groundwork for the study. Simultaneously, it draws on insights and lessons from the constraints and gaps in prior research.


This section provides a detailed account of the overall research approach (research design), including the population and sample selection and employed sampling techniques, utilised instrumentation or apparatus and materials, instruments’ validity and reliability, procedures for data collection and analysis, and criteria for hypothesis acceptance or rejection.

Results & Discussion

This section entails the reporting and analysis of findings, verifying or refuting hypotheses, and contextualising the results within the theoretical framework or relevant literature.

Conclusions & Recommendations

The sixth chapter of this study deduces insights from the findings, identifies implications, provides recommendations for theory and practice, and suggests directions for future research.

Citations & References

The last chapter includes citations and references, usually presented at the end of the research or on every page. This section further includes in-text citations, and it’s an essential part as it provides authentic backing to the claims presented in the overall paper.

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If you're working on a dissertation, you know just how important it is to have strong data analysis skills. Data analysis is vital to the success of any research project, and it can be challenging to master. At our data analysis service, we specialise in providing top-notch support to researchers across a wide range of subject areas. With our help, you can take your dissertation to the next level and achieve your educational goals.

Our data analysis services are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We work closely with you to grasp your research objectives and develop customised solutions that meet your needs. We offer various services, including data cleaning and preparation, statistical analysis, and others.

In-depth Research

One of the major hurdles in writing a research paper is conducting research. Without it, your paper will fail to score high and remain insufficient. To avoid that, refer to our experienced researchers who can easily do the job within the estimated time.

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The better organisation, the more readable your research paper will be. However, the long word counts can easily mess up this requirement. So, what to do? Reach out to us!

Proper Citations

Citations are another problem that most students face when writing their research papers. Our team knows all citation styles and how to edit them to your research papers without messing up anything!

Providing Feedback

It’s true that no one writes a research paper in a single attempt, and there’s always room for improvement. But how would you know if you’ve written everything correctly or not? Simple, by reaching out to us! We not only write your research papers but also give honest feedback.

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Reasons Why Research Papers Fail To Secure Grades

Since writing a research paper is a long and tiring process, the chances of making mistakes are always high. So, if you are swimming in the same boat, don’t be stressed! Instead, check out our suggestions to overcome such mistakes.

Lack of focus

The massive word lengths often result in students losing focus and going off-topic in their research papers.

But we employ various ways to overcome this hurdle, such as briefly understanding the topic and requirements and referring back to the thesis statement from time to time.

Inadequate Research

Most papers fail to score high as they need more research to support the arguments mentioned in them.

So, to avoid that, we plan a research method and keep track of all relevant and credible sources.

Poor Time Management

The biggest reason why most research papers fail is due to students’ poor time management, resulting in last-minute submissions. However, these last-minute submissions are poorly written and contain errors.

At PhD Dissertation, we ensure to finish everything at least three days before the deadline to avoid such situations.

Lack Of Coherence

No matter how long your research paper might be, there has to be a connection between all paragraphs. But most students jump from one idea to another without adequately addressing them.

We use transition words between paragraphs and sections to avoid such mistakes.

Lack Of Originality

We get that most research paper topics are cliché, and it can be challenging to develop original ideas. But giving up and copying others’ ideas is never the solution, and that’s another reason behind a few research papers scoring low.

At PhD Dissertation, our team help students to come up with creative topics and assist them in establishing interesting perspectives.

Poor Grammar

Poor grammar and spelling can detract from the quality of the paper, and such mistakes are pretty standard. But you’ve got to avoid that. Thus, we repeatedly use spelling and grammar-checking tools to ensure your work is flawless and error-free.

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We will deliver the dissertation either in sections or complete as per your specification on the defined deadline.


Even after delivering, our team is available 24/7 for all kinds of revisions or changes you may want.

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If you're considering utilizing a PhD dissertation assignment help service, you will likely have questions about the process at PhD. Dissertation, we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address your concerns and help you make an informed decision. Browse our FAQs to learn more about our dissertation writing services and how we can help you achieve academic success.

Though there are many notable research paper writing services in the UK, we recommend selecting the Ph.D. Dissertation for high-quality and commendable research papers. Check out our samples for brief insight.

Research paper writing involves extensive research and presenting your findings and analysis in a formal written document. It further requires using reputable sources, citing them properly, and following a specific format and structure.

The time it takes to write a research paper can vary widely depending on the topic, the length and complexity of the paper, and the writer's skill level and experience. Generally, it can take several weeks or even months to complete a high-quality research paper.

Research papers are usually written in a specific format, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago style. These formats provide guidelines for citing sources, formatting the paper, and presenting information in a clear and organised manner.

Writing a research paper in one day is possible, but it is not recommended. Additionally, writing a high-quality paper requires time, research, and careful analysis, which cannot be done properly in a short period of time. Thus, rushing to complete a paper in one day may result in a lower-quality paper.

Research paper writing services are legal if they provide original work and writers that ensure 100% authenticity and confidentiality.

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