A Road Map for PhD Dissertation Proposals

A majority of students think that writing a dissertation proposal is the hardest part of the entire procedure of dissertation. It is essential that they should have a firm grasp on the topic of proposal, must spend countless time on preparing the literature review, they should come up with their own ideas or point of views on the topic they chose for the proposal and then submit the result, analysis in the writing. It is a difficult task to say the least. Nevertheless, this blog of PhD Dissertation bring out the guidelines with the requisite information to make this task as easy as it can be. The following guideline is divided into two parts, i.e.

PhD Dissertation or thesis length

Main components of PhD dissertation or thesis proposal

1. PhD Dissertation or thesis length

There exist many different altering perspectives about the length of a dissertation or thesis proposal that how long or short it should be. Nevertheless, all the significant parts of the dissertation proposal are addressed during the writing process, generally the proposal ended up around on 20 pages. There will be no issue if the proposal is more or less than this estimation of pages. The thing which is more important is that all points are covered in the proposal.

  2. Main components of PhD dissertation or thesis proposal

  • Introduction

A short summary of the discussion or the queries behind your research, also provide the context of those queries within a large academic model. The reader should understand from the introduction that about what topic the discussion is attempted and what you are trying to distinguish through your writing and research.

  • Statement of the problem rose

Give a description of your research consequence in profundity and provide the background knowledge and all the particular circumstances of the problem related to the particular academic discipline.

  • The literature review

This section of the dissertation proposal addresses the scope of the research you had done and the list of important findings. Literature review is totally up to you whether or not you commence a particular part of the proposal. Most of the writers prefer to write while others just interlace the results within the other main sections of the proposal. No matter of how you present the literature review, just you should make sure that you give a description of why the findings of the review are significant to the research.

  • Methodology

In this portion of the dissertation proposal you will describe the plan what you do, why you do, and how will you do. Make sure that in this section you include the methods and exhibit that in what way the methods are associated to the research query.

  • Bibliography

In this section, make sure that you have made a list of all the source material you have used and also make sure to format it in whatever academic style is required.

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