How Social Media Is Leading To Academic Procrastination

That social media can lead to academic procrastination is one conviction that is repeated loud and often. Not everyone believes it though, in particular, the students who are most concerned will also be the ones to most loudly assert that their social media usage does not affect their academic work at all. Consider this scenario however. You open your laptop to sit down and do some serious studies because you have a couple of lengthy, research projects and plied up assignments, essays and upcoming PhD dissertation that you have to work on. As you open up your browser, you decide to check your email also. It is important to keep up your correspondence after all, so you check your mail. There are loads of notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, as you glance through them you realise it is a friend’s birthday. Since this is not a very close friend, you decide a Facebook message will do, you log in to wish your friend on one social media forum and from then on, it is only a small step to logging in to the next forum and the next. Two hours later, your research project, assignments and essays are still incomplete, but you have checked all your social media outlets. Never mind, it is late now, but you still have a week in hand, and you can do all of that tomorrow…

Snap out of it now! Tomorrow is not going to be much different, nor the days that follow unless you decide to take yourself in hand and force yourself to work rather than procrastinate and waste time! If you feel this does not apply to you, next time, time yourself. The world around you is full of ways in which you can connect to your social media space, you have your laptop, tablet and smartphone always close by. What is important, if you wish to succeed academically is that you remove all these distractions so that you can study better. Here are some ways that could also help you.

  • Organise your schedule


Set yourself a proper timetable and then stick to it. It is usually not possible for most students to work unless they set themselves proper time slots for all their work tasks. Maybe you could try something similar! Just work up to the timetable!

  • Divide the workload as equally as possible


It is also important to ensure that all work is divided into equal time slots. Do not give too much time to one task or a single course that you are tired out by the time you come to the next one.

  • Give yourself proper breaks


All of us need breaks, so take a walk, head to gym or watch an episode of the season you are following after a couple of hours of really hard work. Try making a snack and just relax!

  • When it’s time to stay offline, do it!


No big explanations needed here! You just stay offline.

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