How To Write Plagiarism Free Academic Assignments

With the assistance of the internet, writing assignments have become relatively easy with the excessive amounts of historical as well as updated information readily made available online. However, due to the effortlessness of the task, many students resort to unorthodox methods and copy their assignments in order to turn them in on time. On the other hand, with today’s standards of technology and available software such as the one used in Fully-Verified start-up, there are multiple plagiarism software applications that allow the replicated content to be identified by university professors. In result of this, students get convicted for cheating which consequently results in failing the assignment.

Furthermore, the incidence of plagiarism also takes place when you read an article online and the sentences mentioned unconsciously get embedded into your brain and therefore, those sentences are repeated in your assignment. Nevertheless, plagiarism can be avoided in your university assignments by using the following procedures:

  • Seek help: As a student, finding the time to execute an unequivocally original assignment is near impossible. Hence, it is okay to seek help from best assignment writing service UK in order to earn a decent grade. By placing your trust in the hands of these websites, you can focus on other aspects of your student life while your assignment is completed with revised, updated content. Websites offering assignment help UK, amalgamate with Ph.D. certified writers with whom you can collaborate with via live chat, in order to yield a 100% unique, customised assignment.
  • Paraphrase: In order to customise your own assignment, you can read up on the information available online and construct it in your sentences. Hence, you can endure the gist of the topic from an online source but interpret it in accordance with your own understanding. Addition of examples from your own research can also individualise your assignment. Moreover, if you are copying from the internet, you can paraphrase the sentence structure by switching the format from active to passive voice. Furthermore, alternating the words by using synonyms will not only embellish your assignment with advanced vocabulary, but it will further remove the chances of plagiarism.
  • Give credit to the mentioned sources: When you acquire information for your project from an external source, it is essential to add the reference in your assignment. However, make sure the added citation is in compliance with the referencing style (APA, MLA, and Chicago) employed by your educational institution.
  • Using quotations: If your assignment consists of direct quotations of an individual, addition of inverted commas should be made mandatory when mentioning said quote. In absence of quotation marks, the plagiarism software will detect replication, hence resulting in an accusation of a copied assignment. Moreover, citations for the attached quotation should also be contained within the project. The process of citing quotations is inclusive of paragraph number, page numbers, volume and website’s URL (in the case of web content).
  • Conduct in-depth research: The foremost methodology to avoid plagiarism consciously or unconsciously is by composing your assignment with the help of multiple sources. The more information you retain, the easier it will be for you to paraphrase it in accordance to your needs. Furthermore, the extensiveness of your research will give birth to new ideas which you can then include in your assignment.
  • Check plagiarism against a reliable software: The last step to writing any assignment should be to run your assignment in an online plagiarism software. At this step, it is essential to certify whether the software you use is authentic and dependable. In the case of an unreliable software, your work could be replicated by the website. As soon as your assignment is identified with plagiarised content, you can alter the recognised sentence structure and run it again to reduce the plagiarism until your work is 100% plagiarism free.

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