How To Make Essay Writing Interesting For Kids?

Writing is a skill which is hard to master, it isn’t always inherently fixed into an individual, and isn’t always easy to slip into. Kids, in particular, tend to find it a tedious and monotonous task that drains their energy. They aren’t always able to find a source of inspiration or cognitive stimulation, paired with having no real recognition of literary influences. Nonetheless, there are always tips and tricks that can be adopted by parents and teachers when wanting to refine their child’s writing prowess. With that being said, it is also important to note that academics in this day and age, aren’t all about learning, rather it has become some sort of competition, whereby each individual is set out to outrank each other. As a consequence, when your child is really struggling with their UK essays, and their mind is permeated with thoughts such as ‘Who will do my essay?’, then transpires the need to drop the coat of lethargy and confusion, and instead make use of an academic writing facility.

Awakening and arousing the desire to write in a student is difficult, however, matters can always be put into place if dealt with in an effective manner.

  • Practise, practise and some more practise: Progress can only be made if the student is asked to write regarding a topic that interests them. There is no point in making them write on a topic that doesn’t intrigue or doesn’t get them fascinated, as they most probably won’t be invested in the process. Moreover, it is also diligent to write regarding a topic they’ve recently read about, as it’s fresh in the mind and therefore they shall be more inclined to explore the topic.
  • Samples: Providing students with examples and a sample essay is an excellent option when wanting to get them interested in the process. They can pick up some nuances and flair from the content, which they can then emulate in their content. By reading other essays, they can gauge how to go about the process, thus making the process easier and thus relatively more likely to be interesting.
  • Digital Age: At a young age, students aren’t always able to relate to a long passage of written words, instead they tend to get attracted and relate more with images. Make it point to utilise apps and the internet e.g. Pinterest, or Google, in order to extract pictures, quizzes regarding a subject matter or you could also ask them to view certain videos. Kids are most likely to gravitate towards visual-mediums, thus parents and teachers alike should make use of them effectively.
  • Teach Them: It is important to inculcate the habit of brainstorming into kids, they need to understand the importance of building links between ideas. They need to comprehend the significance of reasoning and exploring perspectives in a holistic manner, as getting onto writing the essay without putting any thought behind it, will result in the student creating work that is disconnected and all over the place.Find out this here.
  • Tech-Friendly: It is not a bad idea to allow them the liberty to practise their writing habit on a tablet or laptop. You can set up the tablet, download the necessary apps, and give them a set amount of time where they can discover their skills and capabilities, whilst detaching the monotony that is associated with merely writing on paper with a pencil.

On the whole, kids are most likely to get interested in the habit of writing, if you ask them to write about their most exciting experiences, if you reward them every time they complete a task or if you play interactive games in unison with the writing task.


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