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PHD Dissertation Literature Review

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In order to conduct effective research, one must have the skills to comprehend, study and critically analyse the historic researches present. On this account, students studying at a higher level educational institutes are required to construct a literature review project. A literature review is often assigned as part of one’s undergraduate dissertation project. Before composing the dissertation, one is required to review the research in the prescribed subject area.

In order to do that, students are advised to assess the researches in the current field, analyse it in terms of strengths and weaknesses and summarise the subject matter being discussed. In most literature reviews, students are asked to find the gaps and limitations in the existing research which can be studied at a later date.

In consideration of the foregoing, PhD Dissertation presented its literature review service to students who lack the experience to proficiently construct a literature review. We established this division with the intention of providing students with an exceptional outcome which further assist them with their dissertation projects. Furthermore, we have added a literature review sample on the website’s page so students can familiarise themselves with the standardised structure required to write a literature review.

Eminence Of A Literature Review

At PhD Dissertation, we have hired experts in the field who have written numerous literature reviews in a vast area of fields. Resulting from this, we have the capabilities to construct the client’s academic project demonstrating proficiency and professionalism. We incorporate advanced terminologies and effective criticism in our writing. However, when critically analysing studies, we ensure that our writing exhibits a respectful tone while retaining a non-biased judgement.

As a consequence of frustration, the most client fails to understand the significance of a literature review. A literature review project is employed to students as a result of the ensuing reasons:

  • Identifies the space for further research: In order to conduct prospective studies in the field, it is essential to know what area has already been discovered. By this means, time and resources are not wasted when carrying out a study. Furthermore, by analysing the previously conducted studies, students can highlight the gaps in the findings and plan out a solution to fill those blank spaces.
  • Detects the opposing views: When one studies research, they have the opportunity to explore all points of views. This way, students are able to strengthen their viewpoint based on the conveyed findings. Moreover, this data permits individuals to devise research strategies that can eliminate the opposing arguments by providing evidence to disregard the research.
  • Provides light to research methodologies: When students educate themselves on historical studies, they have the fortune to investigate the method and tool utilised to conduct the said research. On that premise, students can inspire themselves from the stated research, and utilise research tools and equipment, thus increasing the reliability and validity of their own research.

With that said, it is essential to construct prodigiously written literature reviews as they are not only informative but they also provide an insight to the reader. Due to their vast experience, our writers can compose the document in a concise yet explanatory tone which can elucidate the client’s confusion.

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