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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

PhD Dissertation is a website that belongs to a UK based registered company. The information rendered to us by our customer is governed by our subsequent and governing privacy policy. Our policy is subject to occasional changes from time to time; nevertheless the most updated and current policy and its version will be made available to online visitors and our customers through our website for easy viewership. We strongly recommend that you go through and read our privacy policy for greater know-how and understanding.

Collecting Information:In order to use and utilize the services available and rendered to our user through our website, your credentials might be required on a periodic basis, such your email address and user name.

Confidentiality: We are bounded by law and our own SOPs to never disclose your private and personal information to anyone, especially third parties.

Information About Products & Services: PhD Dissertation is a renowned and acclaimed service provider offering education related products for students, including abstract writing, essay writing, dissertation help, dissertation writing services along with proofreading and editing services. It is mandatory for our customers to convey the exact details of their e-mail address, fax number, mail address, and telephone so that we are able to relay to them offers and promotions related to our services.

Visiting Our Website: Whenever an online visitor or customer lands on our website, we are able to determine their ture IP address to figure out their location and postion to offer them more cusotmeized and tailor-made services.

Utilization Of Personal Information: The reason behind us storing and utilizing your private and personal information is to provide you with enhanced and better technology of services. Your information is never shared with anyone or any third parties.

Inquiry For Perosnla Informaiton: If by any means you are interesd in locating your perosnal and private data wihtholded by the website, then simply send an email to our legal department. After a short investigation confirmng your true indetity, the information is handed over to you.

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