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Eight Most Shocking PhD Dissertation Topics of All Time – PhD Dissertation

‘So, what’s your thesis topic?’ This might be the ultimate icebreaker question of all time, especially for PhD students who’re probably racking their brain and body to put together a lengthy piece of dissertation. However, in some rare cases, this question is definitely going to cause awkward silence in the room. Well, you will know how! Just wait.. Many postgraduate students consider dissertation projects as […]

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Things You Need to Consider When Opting for PhD – PhD Dissertation

When you are in undergrad, PhD sounds like an appealing option since you see a future for yourself in the discipline you’re pursuing. However, when you step into the professional field or go for your Masters, you realise that PhD is not the prerequisite for all the jobs. Many people debate about pursuing that degree. This means that you will also be receiving a lot […]

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