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Why Do Dissertation Students Need To Work by a Schedule?

A PhD program involves a great deal of work. Without proper planning and management, it cannot go in the right direction. There has to be a schedule, and the schedule must be followed if you want to achieve your desired result. Many mishaps may cause delays in your process, and the reason for the delay should be recorded as part of the research, which puts […]

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Challenges Encountered By Students While Working On Their Dissertation

If you are working on your dissertation, it already means that you are a hardworking, determined, and studious person. You must be quite prepared for the challenges that are ahead of you. As you can imagine, it is a tough task that you have undertaken, and there may be more challenges to it than you may know. If you identify the challenges at an earlier […]

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Ways to Cope With the Stress of a Dissertation

No one can understand the immense stress and pressure that a dissertation student faces than, of course, a dissertation student themselves. You are at the climax of your studies and have already spent and invested a significant amount of time in your work. Your dissertation matters a lot for your degree, and there will be a lot of stress that you will have to cope […]

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