Challenges Encountered By Students While Working On Their Dissertation

Challenges Encountered By Students While Working On Their Dissertation

If you are working on your dissertation, it already means that you are a hardworking, determined, and studious person. You must be quite prepared for the challenges that are ahead of you. As you can imagine, it is a tough task that you have undertaken, and there may be more challenges to it than you may know.

If you identify the challenges at an earlier stage, you can work on them, so they don’t grow into even bigger problems than they actually are.  

You are unable to get hold of your interviews 

For your thesis, you may be required to interview different people and visit various offices. At times, you might find that their availability is not to your liking. You have to pursue these sources relentlessly so that your job gets done. There will also be times when your interviewee may cancel on you. You must take this into account that there can be delays due to these unavoidable circumstances. So, if you in your planning can keep a margin for these unexpected delays, you will be able to manage your timelines better.

You have other work and responsibilities to tend to

You, as an adult, have many other obligations and responsibilities in addition to your dissertation. For instance, you could have a job or a side business while you are enrolled in a PhD program, and one could be getting in the way of another.

Before you start to feel the frustration of not having enough time to write your dissertation, you should get an extra pair of hands to help you. At this time, you need to focus all your energy on our dissertation. You need to realise that you cannot do everything by yourself.

You should delegate some jobs to others so that you can concentrate fully on your dissertation. You can have a family member or a trusted friend handle the duties of your business, if possible. Now that that’s taken care of, you can work on your thesis. In the same way, if you feel the need for it, you can also take the support of online dissertation help.

Your supervisor is not available

Whenever your supervisor calls for a meeting, you are busy somewhere, and vice versa. Or, there might even be some conflict between the two of you and that could be reflecting in your work.

Regardless of the situation, your supervisor is your best guide right now, as it is their job to guide you. You have to be able to match your mood with your supervisor and hold your meetings with mutual understanding, as these sessions are of utmost importance to your work.

The results are not coming according to your hypothesis

Anything can go wrong at any time, and you must be prepared for mishaps. For example, many students who research on agriculture can face problems due to unexpected weather or the quality of seeds. Their results may not show as per their hypothesis. Redoing their work will mean going back several months.

Part of the process of writing a dissertation is that you will have ups and downs throughout the course of your program. Either you will derive the incorrect data from your experiment or fail in your research. However, all these are steps towards the completion of your work. Even recording your incorrect steps will be a learning experience for you and for others who read your dissertation.

You will be required to conduct several surveys

Good research requires a methodical manner of doing things. This can be time-consuming and extremely tedious for a person with poor time management and organisation skills. Moreover, you may not find encouraging, helpful, or intelligent applicants to gather your research for your thesis.

Unforeseen events can cause delays

If your time management is not right and you put in a lot of delays for any reasons (for instance, you might be doing a job as well or having other responsibilities), your thesis will take longer than you had planned.

But once you let a delay impact your research, you will find that all the work that you had done for your thesis will be of no use. It will be futile because you cannot have a long gap while conducting your survey. The results will not be accurate and the specimens you collected will not be useable after a certain period.

During COVID-19, for instance, many dissertation students suffered because they could not conduct their surveys and researches during the lockdown. They have had to start from scratch because of it, and it has acted as a huge setback for them.

With determination and hard work, you are sure to be able to submit your dissertation successfully. Of course, you will face challenges along the way, but knowing how to deal with them from an early stage will help you have a smooth and successful end to your journey.

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