Academic words and phrases that can change the way you write

Stringing words together to form a meaningful sentence is what kids are taught at a young age. The basic idea is to equip them with a strong foundation so that they can get adept at writing sentences and then eventually an essay as a whole. Words and phrases play a huge role in the making of an essay. If you manage to hit the right notes, you’ll be able to deliver the message accordingly. But if you didn’t, the message might just not get across, which would be a shame.

Perhaps you’ve been told by your teacher that you’re an amazing writer, but your essays are missing a thing or two that she can’t pinpoint, and despite racking your brains, you can’t come up with anything that could be wrong with your essay writing. So here we are at your service to give you an idea about how to write the most poignant words and phrases in your essay that can make a huge difference.

Academic Words and Phrases to Use in your Essay

In case you’re wondering about which specific words to use in an essay you’re working on, we just might be able to guide you. For starters, there are certain words in the English vocabulary that can solidify what you’re trying to say and hence, the inclusion of such words is highly important. But first, you need to know what these words are exactly. So we’ll be giving you a brief introduction regarding the words and phrases that help you pack a punch in your essay.

Mastering the art of writing in a language persuasively can be crucial. There’ll be plenty of room for error which makes you fumble all the more. To make an essay attractive and interesting, you have to incorporate essay phrases, words, sentences effectively so that you can captivate your audience through your words alone.

When it comes to academic writing, you have to pay close attention to the tone of the essay, as it needs to be formal at all times. To hone your essay writing skills, we’d suggest you adhere to the instructions we’re providing for your own good. For instance, using these essay words will help you in the long run, that’s for sure. You’d be better equipped to write and present an argument accordingly. We guarantee once you decide to take up our advice, you’d be able to see an instant improvement in your essay writing.

Words to Use in an Essay Introduction

If you’re pondering over the ideal words to start an essay introduction, you’re in luck. We’re sure you already know that the introduction of your essay has to be gripping so that the reader can be persuaded to read till the very end. Given the fact that your reader has no idea what they’re about to get into so it’d be up to you to gently guide them towards it. Basically, think of it as if you were addressing a five-year-old while staying strictly formal, of course. Here are a few words that should get you going:

Firstly… secondly… thirdly

The chronological order of your essay will provide it with an outline that will be easy to understand for the reader. Using words like ‘firstly’, ‘secondly’ and ‘thirdly’ will allow you to structure your argument in the best way possible. A reader will be able to keep track of each argument as you go if you choose to go from the least effective to the most effective point. In this way, your argument won’t feel stagnant. But do remember to relate each argument with one another.

In light of; considering; in view of

These essay phrases might help you start your essay. They assist you in framing your argument in light of what other writers have stated or a general worry about your study. They can also be utilized when a piece of evidence casts new light on an argument. Another instance where these phrases to start an essay can be used is when you’re giving background information on your topic before introducing the thesis statement of your essay.

Essay Words and Phrases for Adding More Information

During an essay, you are continuously introducing new pieces of tidbits to your reader so that they can be made aware of the situation at hand completely. Words like ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, ‘in addition’, and ‘what’s more’ are great academic phrases that enable you to link the content and paragraphs together.

Often, your essay will be required to demonstrate how you aim to attain your objectives. You may quickly expound on issues that will offer clarity to the reader by utilizing these phrases. Other phrases to use in essays that can help you further explanations are ‘in order to’, ‘to this end’ and ‘to that end’.

Using these following phrases, you may include complicated ideas with simple descriptions. These are pretty good phrases to boost the flow of your essay writing. They should be utilized to convey a previously expressed idea in a slightly different way. Use them to expound on a subject that requires further explanation rather than to repeat oneself. Or to summarize what has recently come up before. Here’s a list for your ease:

  • In other words
  • to put it another way
  • that is
  • to put it more simply

There are other academic writing phrases that can help you link additional pieces of information like you just remembered to add them. During the essay writing process, you have to include your point of view that endorses the point you’re making so the audience can be compelled to join your side. The following words and phrases also allow you to mention a research within a research context, thus elaborating your point in the most significant manner.

  • Similarly
  • likewise
  • another key fact to remember
  • as well as
  • an equally significant aspect of

Words to Use for Comparison and Contrast

You must’ve come across various words for essays if you’ve been searching and reading up about them. But many of them must’ve left you confused as to when you’re supposed to use them. Because the word placement also matters when you’re working on an essay. While doing a comparison between two subjects, you have to use the relevant keywords so that you can compare the two things on the same basis.

Finding a smooth way to convey an alternate perspective or idea can be difficult, but these terminologies and phrases might assist you in introducing the opposing viewpoint.

These are:

  • Conversely
  • however
  • alternatively
  • on the contrary
  • on the other hand
  • whereas

On the other hand, the following words and phrases contrast facts, compare them, and convey ambiguity about a subject in your study. The phrases ‘that said’ and ‘yet’ in particular will showcase your knowledge of a subject by highlighting the restrictions or limitations of your research field.

  • By contrast
  • in comparison
  • then again
  • that said
  • yet

You can use the following words to depict a positive aspect of your subject despite the evidence or logic. They allow you to mention a different aspect of the topic and shows clarity in your writing skills.

  • Despite this
  • provided that
  • nonetheless
  • importantly
  • significantly
  • notably
  • another key point

Essay words to Mention Examples

Any professor would agree that most essays words are impactful when written in the most accurate manner and structured well. What better way to prove your point by giving solid examples. In fact, most teachers give top marks if you’ve included the correct relevant examples that back your point. So in order to introduce any examples in your essay, the following phrases ought to be useful:

  • For instance
  • to give an illustration of
  • to exemplify
  • to demonstrate
  • as evidence
  • to elucidate

Words to Use in an Essay While Writing the Conclusion

At the end of an essay, you’re basically wrapping up all the arguments and hoping that the reader learns a thing or two. If you’re confused about what to pen down in the conclusion of an essay, why don’t you opt for an easy way out by simply summarizing the entire essay in a few short sentences? You have to make sure you’re not too condescending, though, as you’re only presenting your point of view, and it’s up to the reader to draw their own conclusions. For now, PhD Dissertation would suggest you to use the following words to wrap up your essay:

  • In a nutshell
  • concluding everything
  • to conclude
  • in short
  • to sum up things
  • in summary
  • thus
  • it has been shown that
  • therefore
  • in brief
  • to summarize the whole essay
  • to end up
  • in the end
  • at last
  • to wrap up the things
  • so,
  • to take stock 

More Useful Essay Words List

We’re not sure if most essay writing services offer such a list to their clients or not, but we’d like for you to have this so that you can end up writing an impressive essay. Here are a few more words that might be useful:

  • All things considered
  • Above all
  • chiefly
  • especially
  • most significantly
  • it should be noted

That was all from our side. We certainly hope you make use of all these lists and share them with your friends so that you can excel without being held back.

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