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The methodology makes an essential part of your dissertation. Your dissertation contains qualitative and quantitative data, which can be either primary or secondary. In the methodology chapter, the writer has to explain the research process. If you are writing a dissertation for a technical subject, you will explain the subject's working and how you managed to extract quantitative data. If you have conducted any experiments, you should discuss that as well.

You might have been able to extract the data you wanted. But, explaining your research and data collection process is an equally difficult task. If you are not good with your words, it's better to hire the services of a dissertation methodology writer. We have hundreds of dissertation writers in our teams who have specialisations in certain subjects and only work on related topics to ensure relevant content. We know how to write every section of your dissertation perfectly. We have the highest quality standards, despite being one of the cheapest dissertation methodology writing service in the UK. If you want to nail your dissertation methodology, choose PHD Dissertation.

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"I have researched and extracted data on my own. I have also conducted experiments and know the working of my project. So why would I hire someone to explain the methodology of my research project in my dissertation?"

Every student wonders about this question when given the option to hire a PhD dissertation methodology writing service. However, we would like to inform you that you're being too overoptimistic about your academic writing abilities. As a PhD student, your dissertation has to be flawless.

Secondly, explaining your research process and the working of your project/experiment in a dissertation can be challenging. You should be able to use technical terminologies and explain them clearly to the reader.

We do appreciate your research work. However, when it comes to perfect academic writing, you should only consider hiring writers from PhD Dissertation.


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There are many dissertation writing services online. Some of them are cheap, and some offer extremely premium rates. But, is their service premium? No! unfortunately, you are not getting the quality of service you deserve even after paying a high price. Speaking of cheap services, they often compromise their quality by hiring underqualified and amateur academic writers. As a PhD student, you don't want an undergraduate academic writer working on your dissertation. So, if you were looking for a dissertation methodology writing service with highly qualified and experienced experts and exceptional quality standards, you should only opt for PhD Dissertation.

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At PhD Dissertation, plagiarism is a sin. Therefore, we make sure our content is 100% original. Furthermore, we only use authentic sources to extract relevant information.

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Why is Dissertation Methodology Writing So Difficult?

Our dissertation methodology writing help is one of our most in-demand services. We receive dozens of orders every day where students don't know how to explain the working of the experiment/project, nor do they understand how to discuss the process of collecting primary and secondary data. Speaking of primary data, it is classified into two types, i.e., quantitative and qualitative.

In quantitative analysis, a researcher has to collect data via various methods, including experimentation, testing, and surveys. On the other hand, in qualitative analysis, researchers have to mention descriptive and conceptual information in their dissertation to defend their argument. Collecting both of these types of data is difficult. However, mentioning your findings using the correct terms and academic language can also be tough. Apart from describing your entire data collection process, you will also have to describe the meaning of your findings. You might also have to add secondary data from an authentic source. These processes are pretty time-consuming, especially when other assignment writing tasks are pending.

PhD Dissertation offers a simple solution to your problem. Our writers will prepare the perfect methodology section for your dissertation, clearly describing your findings and data collection processes. To improve the credibility of your dissertation, we can also extract secondary data from reputable journals if necessary. The quality of our work is exceptional, as we are the leading dissertation methodology writing help provider in the UK. So, are you interested in our dissertation writing services? Then what are you waiting for? So, place your order today!

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Every writer at PHD Dissertation specialises in a particular subject and only works on related topics. This is why we always add relevant and accurate information to your dissertation. Here are some of the subjects we provide dissertation methodology writing services for:

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Law Dissertation Methodology

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Marketing Dissertation Methodology

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Accounting Dissertation Methodology

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Finance Dissertation Methodology

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Nursing Dissertation Methodology

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Supply Chain Dissertation Methodology

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Nursing Dissertation Methodology

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Economics Dissertation Methodology

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HRM Dissertation Methodology

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Social Media Dissertation Methodology

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Digital Marketing Dissertation Methodology

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English Literature Dissertation Methodology

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PhD Dissertation's writers are the real MVPs. They work hard to ensure you get the grade you truly deserve. However, finding these highly talented and experienced professionals wasn't accessible. There is a 4-step rigorous recruitment process that helps us choose the perfect academic experts for our team:

Shortlisting and Document Authentication

We only hire academic experts who have a doctorate in their field of expertise. Also, candidates should have ample academic writing experience. We receive thousands of applications from academic writers every year, and we only select those candidates who meet every single one of our job requirements. But then, we also have to make sure the documents we receive are authentic. Therefore, through our reliable sources, we verify the degrees and certifications of applicants.

Skill Assessment

Writing a doctorate-level dissertation is extremely difficult. The writer should have excellent research skills and should also be highly knowledgeable about the subject. So, we conduct different tests to assess the candidates' expertise. We can include questions and case studies related to the writers' field of expertise. We can also add IQ and general knowledge questions. We have a very high threshold for such tests. Those who manage to exceed it move on to the next step of our hiring process.


PhD Dissertation has a highly professional, creative, and competitive working environment. We have always been ahead of our competition, and we aim to stay on top for long. Therefore, we conduct interviews to assess the professional mindset and traits of the candidates. Those who are creative, confident, and determined enough to deliver high-quality dissertation methodologies consistently make the cut.

Sample Dissertation Methodology Project

In the final step of our hiring procedure, we see whether the candidates can produce outstanding dissertations on complex topics in the least time possible. Hence, we ask them to write a sample dissertation methodology on a specific topic. We end up hiring the candidates who write the most exceptional dissertations in minimum time.

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PhD Dissertation was one of the first websites in the UK to start offering high-quality dissertation writing services at an economical price. Since then, we have successfully written thousands of dissertations and gathered positive feedback from hundreds of students across Britain. Our work is so good; many professors end up referring to it. If you have been suffering to write high-scoring assignments and dissertations, now it's time for you to make the right decision. Choose our dissertation methodology writing service. Our writers will elevate the quality of your paper and improve your grades significantly.

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