Best Dissertation Topics For Beginners: A Complete Guide

Best Dissertation Topics For Beginners: A Complete Guide

A Brief Introduction to the World of Dissertations

Before students pursue a Masters’s or PhD degree, they will often come across the term ‘dissertations’. Confused and curious, they will wonder what dissertations are and why are they portrayed so significant in their course outline. This article will discuss in detail how dissertations vary from any other piece of literature and the substantial value it holds for the student writers. Moreover, dissertation topics examples have also been provided to ensure individuals have a clear vision of this type of writing project. 

By definition, dissertations are written assignments that are extremely extensive and informative in nature, covering about ten to twenty thousand words elaborating on a single topic. The topics are either given by the teacher or the students have the option of picking one on their own. It is constructed in a way that includes multiple headings and subheadings to facilitate the reader or examiner in understating the conceptual divisions better. Besides, reading in chunks is always more gripping than having to go through a lengthy paragraph.

Dissertation writing revolves around a particular subject and is aimed to present relevant information through empirical or non-empirical methods. Though the objective of this project is to address a specific question, the methods and structure hold more significance than the data collected. Examiners are more interested in learning how the information has been acquired and whether or not it is authentic enough to validate the claims and arguments mentioned by the writer. A dissertation that lacks sufficient data may still be rated good if it reflects that the author is well-versed in the research process and knows exactly how to analyze information.

Types of Dissertation Topics

To further learn about dissertation writing it is crucial that individuals learn the categories it branches out into. They can either go for a practical or a theoretical approach, based on their requirements. Collection of data may be important but the process adopted by the researchers is more valuable in social science research.

Practical and theoretical approaches go hand in hand. Both are interdependent and strengthen each other in research. Therefore, effective and useful advice to student writers is that they use a concoction of both. A theoretical study can lay emphasis on philosophical, cultural, or ethical aspects of the subject while an applied theoretical approach can focus more on society’s social, economic, and political issues.

Dissertations are divided into two different types. Namely empirical and non-empirical. An empirical dissertation writing, the collection of data is essential. This data can be collected by various means such as in-person and telephonic interviews, survey forms, questionnaires, and feedback forms. Or they can learn by personally visiting places and observing human activity in different settings. Like talking to volunteers at the hospital, taking views of children in school, interviewing translators serving in refugee camps, and so on. Moreover, authors can also consider previously existing data and extract useful information from them. They can view it from different angles and might as well make necessary comparisons and study interesting parallels.

On the other side, non-empirical dissertations are far more different and complex compared to the former. Sustaining a claim throughout the length of the dissertation is quite a daunting task. This type is best for the ones who enjoy extensive reading because this will require them to spend more time in their study room, forming ideas and discussing theories. Non-empirical research may consider feminism, pragmatism, and similar areas of study.

Dissertations Ideas: How to Choose the Best topic

Now that the idea of dissertation projects is clear by definition and their types, individuals can move on to the topic selection criteria. As they say, the start is the most challenging part of any journey, so is the case with writing. Whether a topic is already given or there is an option to choose, either way, the generation of ideas becomes an uphill battle. Dissertation assignments are an important piece of work that has the blood, sweat, and tears of the writer. This is why they must only start with the topic they will stick to will full devotion and persistence. Here are some tips on how to come down to your topic.

Topic must be interesting

It is a research project that will not take weeks, in fact, months and maybe years to complete. This means that it is vital for individuals to select a topic they can work on without backing out. An inspiring and captivating topic will be the best choice. Since it will be of writer’s interest, chances are that they will perform better in their research and also build self-motivation without much difficulty.

Go for something unique

Alongside considering personal preference, students are advised to opt for something that makes their work stand out. In other words, they can go for a topic that has not been studied much so that it captivates the attention of people as well.


Before finalizing the topic, it is suggested by professionals that, if not detailed, research must at least go about brief research on the topic. This will prepare their minds for what to expect as they dive deeper into it.

Topic Ideas for Business Niche

Topic selection is perhaps a challenging task to go about. As mentioned earlier, first the students must discover the areas of study they are most comfortable with. Only after that, they can make the task a bit easier. Individuals having a business mindset or the ones inclined towards commerce can simply select a topic from the business category. To facilitate the writers, here are some of the best business dissertation topics that one can conveniently gather data on.

  • How do organizations adjust business strategies into the prevalent globalization?
  • The impact of customer feedback and cultural changes on company’s performance.
  • The role of organizational structure and leadership in decisions related to business strategies.

For students, willing to go cross borders in their research, they can consider these international business dissertation topics to select from

  • What are the Human Resource Management methods in international organizations
  • The importance of foreign direct investment in organizations of developing countries: Broader business insight

Dissertation Topic Ideas for Management Studies

Project management dissertation topics will revolve around managerial structure and methods adopted by various companies and the factors affecting them. There is again a wide variety they can choose from, here are some

  • Management ethic: The impact of social media on employee’s privacy
  • Employee challenges faced by Project Managers
  • How Management Skill influence team productivity

Dissertation Topic Ideas for Law Studies

Law is quite a different subject that everyone will be willing to elaborate on. Its typical nature sometimes makes it dry and uninteresting for many. It can be quite difficult to come up with law dissertation topics compared to others and so here are some to assist the students

  • How the Global War on Terrorism is affecting criminal law in countries
  • The impacts of US migration policy on education
  • Us copyright law: Its effectiveness with respect to the right of the users

Marketing Dissertation Topic Ideas

Marketing is knowingly a very significant part of businesses. Without which the progression may be significantly slower. Due to its considerable impact on businesses around the world, it has become an important area of discussion. Some of the demanded marketing dissertation topics are

  • Compare and Contrast between the effectiveness and influence of digital and traditional marketing techniques
  • How do companies benefit from the Artificial Intelligence in their marketing
  • Effects of cultures on supermarkets: Collectivism VS. individualism

Dissertation Topics for the subject of Education

Education is a vast field to do in-depth research in. Undeniably, individuals will be able to garner loads of important information as well as figurative data. Perhaps this can be an interesting topic to write a lengthy, informative and useful dissertation on. Here are some examples of education dissertation topics

  • Comparison between traditional physical learning and remote learning. Which approach is better?
  • Educational games being practiced as means of boosting learning abilities.
  • Studying the link between classroom setting and performance results of young students

Psychology dissertation topics ideas

Psychology is the study of human mental processes and how they influence their behavior. This category of study is most suitable for the ones pursuing a doctoral degree in this field only. Psychology dissertation topics include

  • The effect of ‘on sale’ method on how customer’s behavior
  • The positive effects of prevalent beliefs about mental well-being
  • Mindfulness exercises and their impact of student’s performance

History Dissertation Topics

Perfect choice for archeologists, studying human and cultural history. They can make the best use of their research and observatory findings by incorporating the information in their historical dissertations. Here are some examples of history dissertation topics

  • The growth of Bollywood: historical content
  • The role of technology during the World War II period
  • Gender issues in the earlier ages

Economics dissertation topics ideas

Individuals studying finance and economics can choose to write their dissertation on economics as then they will be able to find more data. Here are some of the known economics dissertation topics individuals can consider

  • The connection between market structure, strategy and consumer behavior
  • Influence of advanced technology on product development
  • Economic imbalance under the light of Coronavirus Pandemic

By now, writers must have a clear vision of what dissertations are and how they should carry on with one. Though, on reaching the completion of their work, they must form a precise and crisp dissertation conclusion. Conclusions are the real essence of their entire research and analysis. It should take the reader back to the focus arguments and prove them correct. It should clearly state how the findings and data align with the thesis statement.

For further assistance, individuals can visit online sources that are filled with dissertation ideas.