How to Design an Effective Questionnaire for Your PhD Dissertation?

How to Design an Effective Questionnaire for Your PhD Dissertation?

When you go up to someone and tell them that you are doing your PhD dissertation, a whole bucket load of advice is what you will be showered with, including admonitions to pay close attention to the introduction, or the literature review or the methodology and the recommendations that you put in. Few people, if any, will suggest you look at the questionnaire or the way it will be conducted in order to ensure that the research work you put together is just perfect. And yet, it is exactly so. Without a proper questionnaire that can aid, rather than hinder your dissertation, you really will not get very far with your aim of a perfect dissertation writing. Here are some simple rules to putting together the perfect questionnaire:

  • Make Sure The Questions Are Short And Simple

Writing long winded questions that make perfect sense to you, giving half-formed ideas and concepts within a survey question, because after all, this concept is so very obvious, and all make perfect sense, but only from your point of view. One of the most common mistakes that most people, students included, make is that they may take some ideas, such as their audience being able to grasp all of their own, personal concepts clearly, as granted. Do not go there, instead, spell out everything in a clear, lucid manner so that your audience knows what you are asking them and answer accordingly.

  • Ask The Same Questions More Than Once But In Varying Ways

It is one of the most common techniques you will notice about good and effective surveys, that they seem to repeat the same questions over and over again, albeit in different words. That technique not only helps to weed out any inconsistencies in the answers, but it also helps the student conducting the survey to get a better, more well-rounded idea of the idea or question that is being discussed.

  • The Delivery Method Is Just As Important As The Questions Themselves

Most students omit keeping the delivery methods under consideration when designing a questionnaire, but this is just as important as the rest of the survey, the questions included! Consider for instance, if you ask your audience to mail you the survey by post. It may sound like a good and cheap way of getting the answers, it also happens to be the longest, slowest way of getting your own answers! Email surveys may be faster, but maybe all of your audience will not answer immediately or delay the answering for so long that their answers will become outdated and irrelevant. Phoning could be a lengthier, but it is the better idea since you could, at the same time, ask follow-up questions to get a improved, more well-rounded answers.

  • Who Should Answer? Be Selective With Your Target Audience Right From The Word Go!

It may sound like a great idea at the start to just get as many people as possible to answer your survey. Not just about everyone will meet your survey’s target audience, their age group or demographics. Keep that in mind, and ‘prune’ your audience even before you begin the survey.

Finally, begin with a pilot survey if possible before going mainstream and make sure that your survey works with your sponsors as far as possible!

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