The Ultimate Guide To Stay Awake In A Morning Lecture

Morning lectures feel like a huge burden on oneself. To put aptly; it is similar to Undertaker making his way out from the coffin, beating death with a frowned face.
The countless efforts to destroy the clock followed by our frustration of getting late pretty much sums how morning lectures are. If you too are from this struggling crowd, you can relate to this blood-sucking ritual and how attending it turns out to be.
In case you are tired of this drill, the good news is that there are practises which can help you avoid such a situation again. To find a permanent solution to the experienced problems stirred by morning scheduled classes, make use of the tips provided below:
Score a Sound Sleep
If you have classes scheduled early in the morning, you should affix your sleeping time in a manner which enables you to garner at least seven-hours of undisrupted sleep. Although your body may take some time to adjust to this routine, you must show consistency withal. Also, you should avoid taking naps throughout the day so that your body can sync with the devised timings easily.
If you are inclined to cut slacks from your sleeping time to fulfil your academic obligations, don’t do so and hire a dissertation writing service instead. In this manner, you can turn in all your writing projects and that too, without any hassle.
Since you will make to bed early, getting up on or before time will no longer be a problem. However, you should still take precautionary measures and place your alarm clock at a significant distance from your bed. Doing so will compel you to leave your bed to turn the alarm clock off. Also, this practice will restrict you to push the snooze button over and over again.
Pull the Eating Feat
It is important to eat something before the class commences or else the growling stomach won’t let you concentrate. So, when you wake up, you should have enough time to enjoy and savour your breakfast. It is recommended to incorporate eggs, milk, and some hot beverage in your meal so that you can achieve the required nutrition level.
However, if you get late because of any reason, you should also have options to consume something on the go. For example, a fruit or some nuts may serve as breakfast. In short, you should have everything properly planned out a night before so that you can act according to the situation you are exposed to in the morning.
Stretch Your Muscles
After breakfast, you must pick up all the relevant studying material and head towards your lecture hall. It is recommended to use a bicycle for the purpose. Also, you can consider walking towards your classroom for a change. Doing any of the practices above will help you regulate your blood flow so that you can get rid of sleepiness.
In addition to this, if you experience drowsiness during the class, you can excuse yourself to the washroom and wander in the hallways to wake up.
Reach Your Classroom Early
According to experts, if you follow a ten-minute rule, you will succeed in every walk of life. This rule implies that you should reach the required location at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. For instance, if your class is scheduled at 8:00 a.m., you should be present in the classroom by 7:50 a.m.
Doing so gives you a head start, and you find yourself in much better shape to focus and go around things. Also, this timeslot allows you to revisit the contents previously taught in the class to recall all necessary conceptual details.
Listen and Focus
If you find your concentration hampered during the class, you probably aren’t listening to your professor. The professors at your university are highly qualified experts who also possess relevant working exposure. Thus, their conducted lecture contains pointers which are an amalgamation of both their theoretical knowledge and experience. Since such information cannot be found in any textbook, you should pay close attention.
For this purpose, you should try taking notes during the lecture and participate in the class activities. In this connection, you can consider using coloured-pens to evoke your interest in the process. Also, don’t hesitate from addressing any query before your professor or else this confusion can restrict you from learning about the syllabi contents.
Doodle a Little
If the note-taking part becomes boring for you, unleash the artist concealed in your being. Try doodling your professor or any object related to the contents of your syllabi. For example, if you are studying about gravity, doodle Newton Einstein or an apple to add interesting flair in the learning process. However, you can also try abstract art to keep yourself from sleeping.
Stay Hydrated
According to research, drinking cold water has the same effect as splashing water on your face. Thus, it would help if you stay hydrated during the class so that you connect well with the class’ objective. For this purpose, you should carry a water bottle with you to the class. It is recommended to use a steel bottle as plastic ones may transmit some adverse effects.
Try Tapping
If all of the techniques above cannot stop you from getting a shut-eye, you should try tapping a pencil on the desk or your feet on the ground. As backed by a study, doing so allows your brain to stay alert and concentrate on the happenings around you. Since this practice may disturb others, you should try to avoid tapping as much as you can.
By using these techniques above, you can make it to all your lectures on time, and that’s just not it. These practices also allow you to learn better which, in turn, can help you to score better.
Since the eminence of the discussed practises is well-established, you should adopt these practises at your earliest.
So, when is your next morning-scheduled class?

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