Important Things about Dissertation Results Section

Important Things about Dissertation Results Section

The dissertation or thesis is consists of different sections or chapters, out of these sections one section named as results or findings. The result section of the dissertation is comprised of the information about the findings that are obtained through the research. In certain cases the results or findings section comes in the same part as of discussion. Students should check the supervisor’s or the particular department of university rules regarding these two sections. PhD Dissertation provides the information about the result writing section in the dissertation.

When it comes to write the results or findings section, many of the students may have little bit difficulty of how to do it and it’s a fact that many of the students are when they first do it. Students should prepare what they have to write and on what they have to look over in the chapter and more importantly what they have to identify as important results, conventions. And on what they should focus from the primary research that have been collected.

For this section students need to think what they want to write, discuss, what should be covered. At this phase, students do not have to include tables, graphs, figures or charts, it is just written to establish the understanding of the information or data and discuss what is it means. Hence, students may not have to include all the questions raised in the research but may include those questions which can give the most meaning.

The aim of results section is always to demonstrate the key results of the research without understanding their meaning. This can’t be combined with discussion section except the particular journal brings together the results as well as discussion into one section. The outcomes ought to be displayed within an orderly collection, employing orderly sequence to be a guidebook pertaining to producing as well as following the collection from the method section where the results usually are primarily based. For every result there ought to be a method within the method section. Following are some of the effective steps that may help in writing the result section of the dissertation.

  • Figure out which results should be present by simply deciding which are tightly related to the actual question(s) offered in the introduction no matter what set up final results service the actual speculation (es). The results section does not need to include every result obtained or discovered.
  • Manage your data in the results section throughout either chronological order according to the methods as well as in order of most to least crucial. Within every paragraph, the actual order of most to very least crucial results needs to be put into practice.
  • Decide if the data are generally best offered available as word, statistics, chart, or maybe table.
  • Sum it up the results as well as point the target audience towards related data from the word, statistics and/or table. The text must go with the figures or maybe table, certainly do not repeat the information.
  • Illustrate the results as well as data of the controls and include observations certainly not offered in an elegant determine or maybe table, if appropriate.

Students desire this specific part of dissertation for being straightforward for the viewer to check out, and so they should don’t be tempted to look in a extended question over an interpretation of the findings. Remain faithful to observations simply that are clear as well as concise. This specific part of dissertation is actually probably the best that should write. When have difficulty with this specific section focus on these along with tutor of course, if needed some sort of statistician in yet another from the university’s departments.

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